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About Us

Lisa Muehlenbein, E-RYT 500

In addition to being a busy mom of 4 kids and active community volunteer, Lisa is the owner of Zen Studios. She has been involved in the health and fitness industry since 1992 and holds many different certifications. As well as being a Mentor with the Leeann Carey Yoga Teacher Training program, Lisa also holds a degree in Early Childhood Education from Youngstown State University.

Lisa has been practicing yoga since 1992. She is a certified Group Fitness instructor and ACE Certified Personal Trainer as well as a certified AntiGravity Instructor. When Lisa began teaching yoga in 2002 her pursuit of becoming an RYT began. She couldn’t wait to learn more with each workshop she attended. After becoming an RYT-200 in 2006, Lisa completed the 1,000 hours of teaching required to become and E-RYT 200. Since then, Lisa has travelled the country sharing her passion for yoga by teaching others how to become teachers. Lisa has followed her passion and attained her RYT 500 through Leeann Carey and is now an E-RYT 500. She supports the Leeann Carey teaching method of “teaching the student, not just teaching the pose.”

Lisa feels strongly that the best teachers are lifelong students. She enjoys learning just as much as she enjoys teaching. Lisa has had the privilege of continuing her education by taking trainings, workshops and master classes with such yoga teachers as: Leeann Carey, Kofi Busia, Cyndi Lee, David Romanelli, Stephanie Keach and Rolf Gates.

”To me, yoga is a place where you can be. I don’t necessarily mean “be” like a physical location like home or work. I mean “be.” Truly “be.” Where else can you give yourself permission to accept yourself and those around you for what they really are? It’s a raw, sometimes scary place, but one that provides a clear view inside the looking glass. There is no judgment about what one can or cannot do, or whether my butt looks big in these yoga pants. It’s a place where I can feel at one with the body I am living in. Breathing and moving at my own pace and with my own breath. Yoga is a place where I can be at peace with the person that I am and not having to pretend to be something that I am not. Does this just happen on the mat during asana? Absolutely not! Living yoga off the mat is just as important as the asana practice. How we treat ourselves and others, what we think and what we say. That’s yoga. How we breathe and how we react to the person that just cut us off while driving down the highway. That’s yoga. Having compassion for ourselves and those around us. That’s yoga. Being good, doing good. Now THAT, is yoga.”

Jade LaFreniere, Studio Manager

I have always believed we are our own best medicine. Early in my education I pursued psychology and holistic medicine. I quickly discovered my aptitude for business and adjusted my major to general business and focused on entrepreneurial start up. However, I have never lost my passion for natural wellness! After my daughter was born in 2009 I have developed a personal gardening company, assisted in the foundation and development of the Greenville Derby Dames, and managed a local spa. I am passionate about people! I enjoy growth and wellbeing in other as much as my own.

I am so grateful to have found Zen Garden Yoga! Lisa has built a company that makes whole body wellness accessible and comfortable for anyone. The studio is like a breath of fresh air as soon as you walk in, the staff is committed to creating a remarkable experience, and the instructors are focused on walking with you in your yoga journey.

Yoga Instructors

Maryanne Abdulhadi, RYT 200

My practice began before I found yoga. With an early fascination with the mind/body connection I got a degree in Psychology and further studied overall wellness of the body and mind. With one yoga class, I was hooked; having found a way to connect all my passions to help bring peace and overall wellness to anyone with an open heart and mind. Yoga certification was obtained soon after at Yogi Hari’s Ashram in South Florida. Having spent time in the ashram my practice has become very spiritual and it reflects on and off the mat.

As an aspiring Yogi, I have traveled to many different studios all over the U.S. and attended many workshops to keep my practice fresh and constantly growing. My classes are welcoming of all levels. With a very hands-on method of teaching I will offer adjustments and different variations of postures that will suit your level. I believe the Asanas (postures) are the mops and brooms that clean the house of the soul. Postures being only one part of the practice on the mat, Pranayama (breathing techniques) and various Mantras and Guided Meditations will be incorporated. With a welcoming smile and open heart my practice will offer a Vinyasa flow focusing on clearing physical tensions to open the breath and expand the heart and mind; aiding you in moving forward in your practice. Studios would be empty rooms without you so it is an honor to practice with you.

Nicole Burgess, RYT 200

After being a dancer for 16 years, I had lost movement in my life. As so many of us experience with kids and family stuff. Life became to busy for “ME” time, until I took a local yoga class. My main practice is still with my kids and family. After, I took a one hour class I knew this would be my new path. That was 11 years ago, when this journey began. I have been studying for 11 years and instructing for 10 years. I have earned my Yoga Alliance certification through Asheville Yoga Center, with Stephanie Keach in 2002. I have also been certified in Pre-natal yoga as well as Children’s yoga. I love to teach a hard core power class and even more I love to dissect asanas to help my students understand what they are doing and how they will benefit. As Shrek said, ” Like Ogres, we all are like onions, we all have layers, many layers.” Yoga is just about peeling the layers away and learning what is underneath. Yoga is a life long journey we are always learning and growing with every breath. Yogis are like onions too!

Stacie Burmeister, RYT 200

“I have loved Yoga since I struggled through my first down dog as an 18 year old, giggling in her first Yoga class. My love, practice, and education in Yoga has progressed from that point into becoming a teacher and life-long student. I studied Bikram Yoga at Young Harris College under the kind guidance of master teacher Ki Curtis, and I later became an RYT 200 through a Kundalini inspired studio as of March 2011.

As a young professional, I know that life can get busy and often times seem stressful. One of the things I love the most about Yoga is the opportunity it creates to still my heart and my mind. Peace and bliss, this is Yoga to me, in our very alive and often changing world. Yoga is freedom for the body and the mind. This freedom is our greatest freedom. It is the ultimate goal of peace with your true self, just being. I am currently “being” in Greenville, SC with my Chihuahua Winston, and I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to teach at Zen Garden Yoga Studio.”

Nikki Caulk, RYT 200

Nikki has been practicing yoga for eleven years and received her 200-hour Yoga teacher certification from the Asheville Yoga Center in 2005. Her teaching draws on her training in Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini and Ashtanga yoga and her experience in the creative arts and community work.

Liz Finley, RYT 200

Liz began her yoga journey is 2008 in her hometown in South Carolina. She graduated from Clemson University with a Performing Arts degree and while she still loves theatre, being an actor means constant competitiveness and stress. She realized there was a real problem with her lifestyle when a friend informed her that she had “lost the twinkle” in her eyes. A friend talked her into going to her first yoga class. She was filled with hesitancy but she quickly found all the amazing benefits of yoga. Her body got stronger and leaner, but the real change was what was happening inside. Her spirit became more alive, and that is when she became hooked. Yoga has taught her new ways to look at the world and at herself. Also, it taught her to reconnect to the spirit inside that she had lost years before. She received her RYT 200 hour certification at Corepower Yoga in Chicago. While there she also received her yoga sculpt training and level two yoga training. Yoga continues to change her life and her journey, opening up a path of true healing. Her classes are filled with laughter and an easy and fun energy! Let’s share the path together. See you on your mat!

Elaine Lang, RYT 200 

info coming soon!

Leslie Lehman, RYT 200

Hi my name is Leslie Lehman. I started practicing yoga 12 years ago when I dropped in at a free Kundalini yoga class at Arizona State University. I was instantly hooked on the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Since then I have practiced many different styles of yoga including Hatha, Bikram, Power, Iyengar, Anusara, and Kundalini. My influences have been Bryan Kest, Shiva Rea, Baron Baptiste, Rolf Gates, Stephanie Keach, and many more excellent teachers.

As a mother of three, my kids are very much a part of my daily yoga practice. They inspired me to teach children’s yoga. Currently, I enjoy teaching the first and third grade children at Spartanburg Charter School. Yoga is a fantastic non-competitive exercise for children and adults. Yoga is also a great way to bond with your child.

My style of teaching is contemporary, energetic, and fun. I also like to focus on the inner healing effects and philosophy of yoga. The focus of my teaching is power, vinyasa, hot, beginners, and family/children’s yoga. I completed my teacher certification in Vinyasa Flow with Stephanie Keach of the Asheville Yoga Center in 2008 and was certified in Children’s Yoga in August 2009. I received my 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training in October 2010 with Rolf Gates (author of Meditations on the Mat). I am currently working on my 500 hr yoga teacher training with Stepanie Keach and the Asheville Yoga Center. Namaste and love to all.

My style of teaching is contemporary, energetic, and fun. I also like to focus on the inner healing effects and philosophy of yoga. The focus of my teaching is power, vinyasa, hot, beginners, and family/children’s yoga. I completed my teacher certification in Vinyasa Flow with Stephanie Keach of the Asheville Yoga Center in 2008 and was certified in Children’s Yoga in August 2009. I received my 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training in October 2010 with Rolf Gates (author of Meditations on the Mat). I am currently working on my 500 hr yoga teacher training with Stepanie Keach and the Asheville Yoga Center. Namaste and love to all.

Lori Skerjanz, RYT 200 

info coming soon!

Alley Wiebusch, RYT 200 

As a yoga teacher and dedicated Wofford student, I have struggled to find that yin balance to the yang that is my lifestyle and personality. Yoga has brought that healing and growth in mind, body, and spirit. I love teaching creatively flowing vinyasa practices that integrate breath awareness and mindfulness that both challenges and supports my students. I also enjoy a good calming yin class to let go of tension that is being held on to unintentionally. My training includes 200 hour certification through Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja, Mexico and includes a variety of styles and teachers. My love for practicing and teaching yoga has grown from the desire to share with my students, the gift that yoga has given to me. I am grateful to the amazing teachers I’ve had for sharing their gifts so that I may continue to serve others through yoga. It is with gratitude that I dedicate my teaching to meeting the individual body, mind, and spirit needs of the students that I serve.


Jeanie Joyce – LMT

My goal is to serve the people of beautiful Spartanburg, SC through the healing art of massage.  I am a 2005 graduate of Virginia School of Massage in Charlottesville, VA.  My professional experience is Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, Thai Table massage, Healing Stone Therapy, Reiki Level One, and passionate about Ayurvedic-minded massage.  I believe in the health benefits of therapeutic massage for the management of injuries, chronic health conditions, stress, anxiety and, most importantly, in promoting wellness.  Weather your goal is to pamper, rejuvenate or focus on a specific problem area I pride myself on meeting your needs.  Zen Garden Yoga offers a peaceful atmosphere which allows you to relax and enjoy your experience!

Scott Cox – LMBT

Scott has fulfilled the requirements of a 525 hours professional certification program in therapeutic massage at The Whole You School of Massage in Rutherfordton, N.C. He received his diploma on the 5th day of May, 2010, and his S.C. licensure in April, 2012.

I am eager to expand my knowledge and skills with the many different modalities I have studied over the past six years that includes: Swedish massage, joint mobilization, sports massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, hydro-therapy, medical massage, and neuromuscular therapy. Depending on the needs and requests of my clients, I blend a combination of these modalities into a unique style of my own, resulting in a session that is therapeutic and tailored for each individual client.  I specialize in working with clients who suffer from chronic headaches, shoulder pain, sciatica, upper body aliments and TMJ.  I have also attained the 2nd Degree in The Reiki Method of Natural Healing.  There are many different approaches to structurally rebalance you and I can customize a session just for you. Also, if you want just a peaceful, relaxing massage to melt away the tension of the day, I can do that, as well.

Please know that I am very excited and deeply passionate about this field I have chosen. Working with you will allow me to expand my horizons and hone my skills with this gift God has given me.

Katherine Wakefield- Reiki Master Practitioner

Katherine is registered with the Shibumi International Reiki Association. She has training in Energy Medicine, Pranic Healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and is a Certified Dog Trainer.

Katherine has traveled across the nation to attend lectures and seminars of well known spiritual/self-help authors to further her committed passion to helping others heal the mind, body and spirit.

For questions regarding Reiki, or to schedule an appointment with Katherine, please call the studio or 864.706.4408.